My friend’s 21st birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise him with a cool gift. I wrote down his personality so I could pick the best gift ever. Since he is already an adult, I decided to give him something unusual to celebrate his adulthood.

So, I browsed the internet for ideas. Ugh, they are all inspirational mostly about how an adult can be strong, how to win adolescence, etc. Lame ideas. My friend is a lady-killer and let me say a “sexy freaky playboy.”

After hours of searching, something popped out of my mind. I thought I could give him something he will surely love and will be thankful for, and that is a SEX DOLL! He will need sex dolls so when the time comes when all her girls dump him he will still have his doll to play with.

Kidding! But, seriously I think he really needs one.

So, I giggly searched on Google for some inexpensive sex dolls. I got plenty of them but I think they are more of plastics than real silicon. Most of them were cute not alluring. I am looking for a lifelike humanoid kind of quality. Something like a replica of porn stars. Then, I changed my search from inexpensive to best expensive sex dolls. Goodness! I was shocked by how much they cost.

For example is the Asa Akira Doll which cost around $7,000. Akira is a Japanese-American pornstar who appeared in Suicide Squad porn parody, and many more. The new version of this doll is upgraded with articulated spine, which allow for a natural torso positioning and range motion. It has a removable deep throat mouth insert for up to 7” penetration. You can also customize this doll for an additional cost like the face, vagina, and pubic hair.

Another is the Samantha Saint Doll. Same as the Asa Akira, it also cost around $7,000. This is almost the same as the Akira doll. The hands and feet of this doll is precasted with stronger and durable silicon.

If you are familiar with Alektra Blue, well she also have one. The price is the same among others. You can also customize her doll. The difference? You have an option of converting her into a transgender. I don’t have an idea, why would they give such an option? So, I ran on Google and found out that she is a lesbian. Ok, that explained it.

And if you are an Asian pornstar fan, Kaylani is the right one for you. Kaylani is a Filipina born in Singapore. She moved in the U.S where she found her success by starring in adult films. Her doll also cost the same.

All these dolls are made from pure silicone and high quality materials to ensure buyer’s satisfaction. They are freaking human like and really awesome! Customizing their feature according to your like is a major plus, like a six stars. Not to mention, you can move them to any position you like without breaking them to pieces. And the catch? You get to have sex with your favorite porn star every freaking night or day without stopping you!

I get it, yes. But with that amount I know I couldn’t afford buying one. Sorry, buddy. I think I will return to the inexpensive ones where I could get you a sex doll for less than $1000. Nevertheless, you have so many girls to have sex with.