The main LGBT nightlife area in Vancouver is Davie Village, and it’s the most popular destination for trans singles in Vancouver as well. You’ll find most of the trans bars in town right here. We’ll tell you about some specific places to meet or take a trans woman on a date in Vancouver. It’s always a good idea to keep your eyes open if you want to meet someone though; trans women can be seen just hanging out in the area of Davie Village outside of any concrete venue.

One of the hottest spots is Celebrities Nightclub. It is something of an icon in the Canadian city. It has been one of the premier West Coast dance clubs since the 1980s, pushing boundaries even back then. Today, it’s a mainstay for inclusive entertainment in North America.

The club has different events taking place every week as well as weekly specials. On Tuesdays, the club hosts Doors, a combination of first-class bar service, an ambitious musical program, and $4 hi-balls. This event has been the city’s top weeknight destination for more than a decade. There are as many as 8 DJs playing that one night.

Another popular nightlife spot is Fountainhead Pub, which has an explicit zero-tolerance-policy on hate in any form.

There is even a trans sex club in Vancouver called Forbidden City. Pique your interest? Rightly so. It specializes in cross dressing, transformations, and anything else trans-related.

Sneeki Tiki has an amazing menu, a cozy environment, and hula dancers in the background. Along with Trans Am, it is THE place to go if you want to enjoy a good meal after-hours. Both places are open well into early morning hours. Trans Am has hearty, nourishing fare like shrimp popcorn, chicken fingers, and yam fries. The drinks menu isn’t as impressive. It’s so limited that the place did away with it entirely and now, the servers know it by heart. Both places have affordable prices, so a meal with drinks for two won’t set you back much.

The transgender community is becoming more visible across the globe. This trend is becoming obvious in liberal cities like Vancouver. The number of transgender people will keep increasing, both here and in other Canadian cities with Toronto being the other trans capital. The places listed in this article are far from the only nightlife hubs in town. You’re sure to have a good time wherever you go.

In Canada, there is much more inclusivity than in the US, at least according to this article in Vice Magazine. Even in major cities like NYC, trans people don’t always feel safe at late-night parties. This is the case even in LGBT clubs, which are dominated by gay white men.